2018-2019 KIA STINGER BMS License Plate Relocation Kit

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Backorder ETA - MARCH 2022

Need a front plate but don't want to drill your bumper?

Did you know that in the United States 31 of the 50 states REQUIRE a front license plate? If you live in one of those 31-states and don't run a front plate, you may be subject to fines and harassment from law enforcement. It's just another great justification for a police officer to pull you over. The problem is that running a front plate typically requires permanent modification to the front bumper, looks out of place, and also blocks airflow to the front mounted intercooler. Great for getting your no front plate fix it ticket signed off with no modification or drilling.

Phoenix Racing tow hook license plate kit solves all of these problems.

The Phoenix Racing tow hook front license plate holder was designed to mount the license plate off center, and away from the intercooler. This allows the intercooler to work at full capacity, which ultimately helps performance. The off-center placement is also congruent with the natural lines of the car, which looks trick without being ostentatious. 


• No drilling
• Mounts damage free in your front tow hook mounting area
• Includes all tools, fasteners, and bolts needed for a complete install 
• 8 mounting choices to ensure that the plate will not block intercooler or intake vents
• Angle adjustments for desired look
• High quality T6061 anodized black aluminum
• 5 to 10 minute easy install

- Some customers have reported intermittent parking sensors going off
Not a 100% guarantee

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