ARK 2010-2012 KIA Optima GT-F Lowering Springs

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ARK Performance now offers high quality lowering spring kits that provides comfort with better performance for your suspension needs. ARK GT-F Lowering Springs are designed to provide drivers dramatic improvement and adapt immediately in better handling and cornering to the characteristics of your car. Every driver will feel and notice a significant response of a race car, having better cornering grip entering and exiting out of turns with less body roll, with a lowered center of gravity while maintaining smooth and comfortable ride characteristics for daily driving.

ARK GT-F Series Lowering Springs are designed by our suspension engineers and tested by professional drivers to find the perfect drop/stance and spring rate to deliver the best ride quality and performance without neglecting the driver's safety on and off the track. Our springs is the perfect combination with your stock shock absorbers, and provides an excellent stance with your stock or aftermarket wheels keeping your tires on the road for maximum grip. For each spring we use only the highest grade steel and leading coiling method technology powdered coated to prevent corrosion. ARK GT-F and GT-S Lowering Springs provides the ultimate suspension balance to take your passion and give you the confidence on any road.

Key product information
- 10-ON Kia Optima (all models)
- Improves handling, cornering, and body roll.
- Front: Approx. 1.5" Drop
- Rear: Approx. 1.25" Drop
- For daily, street & track performance spec. with great handling response.
- Clean drop for your ride with comfort.

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