ATP Bolt on turbo 350HP Garrett dual ball bearing GT28RS turbo Genesis Coupe 2.0T

Your Price: $1,615.00
Part Number:ATP-HGC-020

Bolt on turbo, Garrett 350HP GT28RS ball bearing turbo with all oil and coolant hardware. Bolts to stock flanged manifold and cat (or ATP 3" cat delete pipe and long downpipe).

Garrett's GT28RS turbo coupled with an ATP high flow exhaust housing developed for the Genesis Coupe 2.0T engine for ease of installation and stock-like appearance.

Our production of this Garrett based dual ball bearing turbo for your Genesis 2.0T Coupe is now complete and it's performance is well beyond our expectations.

This is an ultra-responsive, yet powerful turbo capable of making full boost by 3000 rpms and over 300WHP (350 crank HP) and just as much torque, on as little on 20 psi of boost on an internally stock engine when tested with our 3" turbo back exhaust system. This turbo has awesome drivability, and, with the proper supporting mods, has as much bottom end, much more mid-range than the stock turbo while capable of flowing enough air to allow you double the HP of the 2.0T engine reliably.

Work with your Tuner to add a complimentary fueling/tuning solution.

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