About Us

     We at KHARTUNERZ are KIA and HYUNDAI enthusiasts and just like you we are always looking for the next best thing, be it performance, lighting, intake, or exhaust.

     Anything that would enhance the performance or appearance. We will always try and be on the cutting edge and offer the best quality products, backed by our guaranteed return policy. We strive to make sure you are happy not only with your product but with our service.

With over 15 years of experience with Kia and Hyundai you can be rest assured we have the knowledge and experience. From turbo upgrades, to oil changes, to timing belts. We do it all.

Be assured any and all parts we sell that require installation, you can call our techs for any questions you have, they will guide you and answer any questions you have. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @khar_tunerz

Thanks and dont forget "Its Never Finished", 

Hugo Perez
Nicholas Lario