AirREX Air Springs Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2010 - 2014

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Part Number:AirREX-HI001
Product Information:
AirREX Suspension System features vehicle specific upper mount, 12 clicks adjustable damper, double convoluted bellow, twist lock compression fitting, fully threaded damper and vehicle specific lower mount. Every AirREX upper mount is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and then hard anodized. High density polyurethane bushings and or high performance bearings completes the package to ensure exact fitment and durability. These upper mounts not only simplify installation but also improve ride quality, handling, and help provide maximum drop by replacing the bulky OEM upper mount. A 12-way compression and rebound adjustable damper is standard in every AirREX application. Each damper is matched to the air spring for the vehicle application and the user can further adjust for performance or comfort by the simple turn of a knob. High durability 2-ply double convoluted air springs help provide both a comfortable ride at driving height and maximum drop when aired out. The size of the bellow is carefully chosen by AirREX engineers for each application to ensure correct spring rate and proper clearance for the vehicle. Compression fittings are used to ensure a reliable leak free seal when used with 6 mm or .25 inch DOT nylon air tubing. Each AirREX damper is fully threaded to maximize adjustability similar to that of a coil over. Users can easily adjust for maximum drop or for maximum comfort at driving height by simply loosening the lower lock collar and turning the damper and air spring assembly up or down. Every AirREX application includes a vehicle specific lower bracket which is manufacture to exact OEM specification. Every tab or bracket for the hub, spindle, sway bar, brake lines, abs sensor, etc. is present to ensure proper fitment like that of the factory suspension. Some applications will include a high density polyurethane lower mount bushing. 
CNC Machined
Hard Anodized 6061 Aluminum Construction
Includes Vehicle Specific Upper Mount
Includes 12 Clicks Adjustable Damper
Includes Double Convoluted Bellow
Includes Twist Lock Compression Fitting
Includes Fully Threaded Damper and Vehicle Specific Lower Mount
Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2010-2012
Images are for reference only, actual product may vary.
Polyurethane upper mounts are standard.
Front Spherical Ball Top Mounts, additional cost of $390 applies. Camber is adjustable on some MacPherson Strut applications.
****Management System, Compressors etc are not included in the Kit. Only Airrex Strut/Shocks****

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