CP-E Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8L xFlex™ Motor Mount Set

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Hyundai designed the Genesis Coupe factory engine mounts to be soft and flexible to provide a comfortable driving experience. The tradeoff is significant engine movement with weak mounts that torque under heavy load with increased power output and hard acceleration.

Motor movement decreases stability in high performance driving conditions and makes rapid gear selection difficult. Furthermore, excessive flex in the drive train can damage components connected to the motor, pulling on wiring and various lines.

Custom Performance Engineering has developed replacement engine mounts to reduce engine movement while maintaining a pleasant driving experience.

Our engine mounts are fitted with specially molded EPDM bushings (ethylene propylene diene monomer). We use rubber for the bushing as opposed to urethane simply because it’s better suited for this application. Rubber withstands engine heat much better then urethane, and it won’t deform or crack over time the way urethane can. We were also able to incorporate a unique method of holding the mount in the vehicle. Instead of placing all of the force on the center bushing pin, the load is distributed throughout the bushing. This increases the effective stiffness of the bushing under engine loads, and the bushing absorbs annoying vibrations.

The bushing casings are CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum and mounted to the motor via 0.25” thick steel brackets. The mounts have been engineered to handle serious power yet still provide a comfortable ride.

We offer bushings in 50 and 60 durometer ratings. The lower rated bushings absorb vibrations almost to the same extent as factory mounts while significantly reducing engine movement – recommended for the most people who want a better feel for the motor with spirited driving. 60 durometer bushings are for those who are looking to race their vehicles and put serious stress on the drive train – there is increased vibration but you have the peace of mind that your motor will be secure in the engine bay and you are getting the best response out of the drive train.

This is a must have upgrade for any enthusiast who enjoys driving and putting the car through its paces. As all of our products – these come with a lifetime warranty.

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