Centric Genesis Coupe Economy Base Model Double Drilled Slotted Rotors Zinc Coated - Rear Pair

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Part Number:GCTDDSBR-R
Listing Includes:
(2) Centric Rotors
Centric performance brake rotors are a great investment for upgrading your braking system. Precision drilled holes allow maximum air circulation while maintaining structural integrity and perfect balance. Specially designed, directional slots allow hot gasses from the brake pad to escape quickly to prevent skidding or locking up.

The combination of cross drilling and slotting maintains fresh pad material exposed to the rotor surface and promotes more consistent braking performance. Each rotor is finish with a premium silver zinc coating to prevent corrosion. All Centric performance cross drilled and slotted brake rotors are compatible with the original braking system.

  • Shorten braking distance
  • Reduced pad glazing
  • Increase "initial" bite response
  • Machining designs developed for optimal rotor integrity
  • Double disc-grinding provides consistent friction surface and effective pad bed-in
  • Mill-balanced for vibration-free performance
  • CNC machined specifically for each application
  • Enhances open wheel appearance
  • Meets QS and ISO quality standards
  • Stock size, no modifications required
  • Aerodynamic Slotted Only
    Round Slotted Only
    Drilled and Aerodynamic Slotted
    Drilled Only
    Double Drilled and Aerodynamic Slotted
    Drilled and Round Slotted

Base Model Only 

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