Centric Posiquiet Ceramic Brake Pads - Front Kia Stinger - OEM Brembo

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Centric Posi Quiet ceramic brake pads will virtually eliminate noise. Posi Quiet pads feature precision-cut or shaved backing plates and mechanically attached, application-specific shims to deliver a proper fit, reduced vibration, and much less noise. Centric ceramic brake pads offer the longest-wearing, most advanced materials, stable friction performance, and the lowest dust. All brake pads are asbestos-free, manufactured with positive mold technology, and scorched for improved break-in to increase your effective stopping power from the very first stop! Optimize your braking performance--no matter what you drive or how you drive--with Centric Posi Quiet ceramic brake pads. Order the set designed for fitment on your vehicle.

Direct drop in for all KIA STINGERS with OEM Brembos - Be sure to reuse the OEM Hardware
Please note* Some pads may need a light sanding along the sides due to some tolerances in manufacturing

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