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Common Problem - Genesis Coupe Clutch Pedal Dead Spot/Engagement Issue

Posted by Nicholas Lario @quicknickk on 3/7/2019 to DIY & How To's
Genesis Coupe Clutch Pedal Dead Spot/Engagement Issue
We have been installing Genesis Coupe clutch kits and slaves since 2010 when we originally opened. Since then we have very rarely had the need to change or replace the Master Cylinder found above the clutch pedal. Over the passed few months we have gotten a rise Genesis Coupe after Genesis Coupe having some play in the clutch pedal. A dead spot to where you can push the clutch pedal down and no change in engagement or clutch feeling.  After some further diagnosis we decided to pull out the Master Cylinder/Clutch Rod. We have attached a photo showing the comparison of a brand new OEM Master and a used OEM Master. You can see how the used one is now an OVAL versus a circle. This ob-longed circle is where the bad/lack of engagement is coming from.

As we start getting older Genesis Coupes that are hitting their 3rd/4th maybe even 5th clutch job we are seeing more and more Gencoupes needing to get their master cylinder/clutch rod replaced along with their slave and clutch assembly. Do yourself the favor and get yours done before you burn through your brand new clutch due to bad engagement. We are working on a metal / adjustable clutch rod to replace the oem plastic one. Until then inspect your clutch rod and see if its time to get yours done. Here is a video showing the play in the pedal from a worn out master cylinder/clutch rod

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Mathew foster
Date: 11/5/2019
So I have installed the comp stage 3 clutch and flywheel in to my 2010 genesis coupe 3.8 also replaced the slave cylinder when I did it everything was great the night I did it but the next day the clutch is engaging at the very top of the pedal what should I do about this 804-821-8528

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