Cquence Brakes Genesis G70 Street Brembo Rear Drilled/Slotted/Blanks Rotors (Pair)

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Cquence is proud to announce their Street Series Rotors

When you apply your brakes, debris and hot air or gas is created between the brake rotors and brake pads. Lined grooves or slots help to expel this debris and hot gas away from the brake rotor. Slots also help to maximize the contact between the friction surfaces and improves the grip between the brake pad and brake rotors for more stopping power.  With slotted rotors, you can expect that the brake pad material will remain fresh for consistent, reliable braking.

Brake rotors or brake discs are a very integral part of a carï¾’s braking system.  This is the device that is attached to the wheel and that brake pads clamp down on to stop your vehicle, using friction.  Friction produces heat and too much heat creates an issue known as brake fade, which is simply the loss of stopping power.  With the highways so crowded, we are forced to use our brakes more frequently, increasing the likelihood of brake fade.  Accidents can happen in a split second, so it is important to have the ultimate stopping power and response in case of an emergency.  

Cquence slotted brake rotors are machined here in sunny, Southern California

All Cquence replacement brake rotors are sourced from leading suppliers.  Our rotors undergo strict quality control standards and superior manufacturing processes before they reach our warehouse. 

**Please allow 1-3 business days for processing and shipping**

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