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DOC Race tubular exhaust manifold for the Genesis 2.0 Turbo.
**WILL NOT WORK ON 2013+ Models**
Product Description:
DOC Race manifolds are built in house by our highly trained and skilled fabricators who have years of experience. Their manifolds have been known to make over 900whp and are sold worldwide. Many manifolds have been sold to to racers across the country competing in NHRA and BOTI SFWD class. DOC only use high quality 304 stainless steel tubing with thick wall to insure absolutely no cracking or warping even under high horsepower applications. DOC Racing custom makes their own collectors which over the years have been developed with lowest angle possible. This produces minimal exhaust turbulence which equals fast spool and high horsepower capabilities. All manifolds go through a major port and polish job to guarantee the absolute highest flow possible. DOC porting process has been dyno proven over and over again to reduce lag as well as aid in peak power.
Stock Manifold Replacement:
DOC turbo manifolds replaces and outperforms the OEM turbo manifolds by using mandrel bent tubes to move exhaust pulses instead of cast iron which have thousands of pits and bumps to restrict flow. Your stock cast manifold is great for everyday driving, but to maximize the turbo's performance DOC's tubular manifold will have significant gains up to 20%. This is a perfect upgrade for someone using a FP series turbo. DOC Race manifolds are made only with high quality stainless tubing to last the lifetime of your vehicle. Each manifold goes through a vigorous porting process which is the key point to making these manifolds flow.

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