Exceladyne Street Intercooler Kit 2.0T 2010 - 2012 Genesis Coupe

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Intercooler Core: The heart and soul of the system, this intercooler core has been custom engineered to provide the absolute perfect balance between cooling and air flow. We worked very closely with a company who manufactures cooling cores for OEM applications and had this particular core designed to our in house specifications. The bar and plate design allow for maximum cooling, highest airflow, and best recovery from heat soak. The end tanks are single piece cast aluminum for long term durability and reliability. The end result is a core that can out perform intercoolers that are nearly twice its size. Piping: All of the piping in this intercooler kit is 2.5 inch polished mandrel bent aluminum which allows for the ultimate combination of weight savings, appearance, heat transfer and low cost. Each pipe is made from a single piece so you never have to worry about leaky or unsightly weld joints. All tube ends are beaded to ensure that once they are installed you will never have concerns about them becoming disconnected. The polished finish nicely dresses up your under hood appearance. Safety and Reliability: The Exceladyne RaceFront Mount Intercooler kit is a complete bolt on affair. The factory safety equipment (crash beam) is retained without any cutting or trimming ensuring your safety in a front end collision. The intercooler core is mounted to the front end of the car in 4 separate locations to guarantee stability and a vibration free core. Also the supplied silicone hose connectors and T-bolt hose clamps (as opposed to some kits with rubber connectors and worm clamps) ensure that once installed you won't have to go back and re-tighten clamps or check for boost leaks that may have developed. Included are stainless steel radiator support brackets so you can completely remove the factory cooler. We even include detailed instructions so your install is completed the right way without guessing. Upgradeability: Just because this kit fits your needs now doesn't mean it will be right in the future. Who knows what kind of performance may await your Gencoupe in 5 years. Well, the Exceladyne Street Intercooler kit is completely upgradable so you never have to worry. In the future you can easily replace your street core with our race core. Also the turbo outlet pipe can be swapped for use with our forthcoming GT series turbo kit. The Complete Kit Includes The Following: Included in this kit are the following items: 24x8x3.5 inch intercooler core with cast end tanks Polished Aluminum, mandrel bent, 2.5 inch intercooler piping Mounting brackets and hardware Radiator support brackets Power steering cooler relocation kit Silicone hose connectors T-bolt hose clamps Detailed Instructions

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