GFB Respons Blow Off Valve Kit (Mach 2 and Respons Valves Included) 2017-2019 Kia Stinger 3.3T / Genesis G70 - KIT 3

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give YOUR Kia Stinger the sound you want, and the performance to go with it! 


Featuring two “staged” venting outlets (one for recirc, one for atmosphere), at low valve lifts most of the air is recirculated to keep the noise to a minimum. However, when lifting off the throttle from high boost, the valve opens further and more of the atmosphere venting port is exposed for a louder sound. The kit includes a set of plugs that you can use to configure the Hybrid valves for full recirc, 50/50, or full atmosphere venting to adjust the volume of your blow off sound. 

With over 20 years in the business of designing and manufacturing bypass and blow-off valves, GFB have learned a thing or two about managing boosted air, as well as the difference between a good blow-off valve, and a great one! Quality and performance are built into all GFB valves, so regardless of which of our kits you purchase, your investment will last a lifetime (which is why these products are backed by a lifetime warranty) and offer the best possible throttle response and boost holding that any bypass or blow-off valve could deliver.

Our range of bolt on kits for the Stinger offer many different options when it comes to venting sound, from silent to extremely loud, and anywhere in between. Because the Stinger does not use a MAF sensor, you can vent your BOVs to atmosphere without drivability issues such as backfiring or stalling. 

 Unbeatable quality, direct bolt-on fit, exclusive venting bias adjustment to control the sound, lifetime warranty, AND a performance benefit – that’s what we mean by Performance Without Compromise.

Brief description and differences of each GFB Blow off valve for the kia Stinger

Kit 1 - (2 Mach2 Recirc valves )
This kit is designed as an OEM Replacement
No more sound over stock
Direct recirc back into intake just as the OEM Valves would

Kit 2 - (2 TMS Hybrid valves)
These are dual port blow off valves
They can be adjusted for 3 settings
Full Recirc, Full Atmosphere, and 50/50 split recirc/atmos
Adjustment requires disassembling the blow off valve

Kit 3 - (1 "Respons BOV & 1 Mach2 Recirc")
The Respons blow off valve, unlike the hybrid is not limited to 3 setting
The Respons can be adjust as much to atmosphere or as much to recirc as you wish. So you can fully adjust the sound to youre liking
The Respons can also be fitted with GFB signature trumpets to dramatically change the sound
Adjustments for sound are done with dial versus disassembling the valve

Kit 4 - 2 ("Respons Valves")
Same as the KIT3 but dual Respons valves versus 1 Respons 1 TMS Recirc
Adjustments for sound are done with dial versus disassembling the valve

Kit 5 - ("1 Deceptor Valve & 1 Mach2 Recirc")
The Deceptor valve has the same adjustabily as the Respons but instead of having to get out of your car and adjust the dial on the bov, the Deceptor is adjusted with module that can be placed within the car, allowing you to adjust the noise at the press of a button

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