Genesis Coupe Blow Off Valve-GReddy Type-RZ Universal Blow Off Valve 2010 - 2012

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Greddy Type-RZ Universal Blow Off Valve

Product # 11501663

High capacity performance in a compact frame -With the use of the high quality valve and diaphragm control system, the type-RZ was created to be the most reliable Blow off valve system available. -New designs allow for high capacity and performance that rival high performance Blow-off Valves, While being more compact and lighter-weight.

Ultimate Discharge Sound -The unique 8 discharge ports in the CNC machined aluminum discharge funnel draws surrounding air to amplify blow-off sound.

Large 40mm Valve -The CNC machined aluminum valve is coated with a hard anodizing, to withstand extreme friction, maintain an airtight seal and increase durability.

Quick Response -To ensure proper valve movement, a durable, airtight, pressure resistant Bellofram diaphragm is used. -The Short valve stroke allows a compact top housing design. This smaller top housing volume also adds improved valve response

Dual Spring System -A carefully selected spring rate, prevents premature discharge under high boost pressure and increases valve speed for quick response application.

Adjustable Spring Rate -The spring tension can be tuned by the adjustment screw, to suit mass applications.

Re-Circulation Hose Adapter -The Discharge funnel can be replaced with an optional, Re-circulation Hose Adapter to allow re-routing of the discharged air back in the air intake system. -Re-circulation Hose Adapter is not included in the Universal Blow-off valve Type-RZ Kit.

Mounting Flange -The Type-RZ uses the same mounting flange as Type-S and the Type-RS (flange not included). There may be some applications, where the Type-RZ Will not be able to replace the GREDDY valve on some bolt-on blow-off valve Kits

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