Genesis Coupe CP-E FMIC KIT 2010 - 2012

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The Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T has a lot of potential and for those who want to get the most out of the vehicle - upgrading the Front Mount intercooler is a good way to get more efficiency out of the factory forced induction system and prep the car for more serious power in the future.

Custom Performance Engineering has the most comprehensive FMIC kit on the market for the Genesis Coupe 2.0T.

Keeping in mind the potential of the car cp-e™ wanted to create a kit that worked well with the factory turbo and that would also be a great upgrade for those planning for or already with turbo upgrades.

The setup features a large 24"x9.5"x3.25" mirror polished core with unique end tanks designed to help air move through the intercooler with the best possible efficiency. The bar and plate core is the most efficient design and features a 2.5" inlet and a 2.75" outlet to better flow denser air after it has been cooled. To fit the core on the car we have redesigned the factory crash bar using strong steel: the bar ensures a solid mount for the intercooler without sacrificing structural rigidity of the car. We made sure to retain the factory foam bumper support which helps absorb impact.

The kit was designed with 2.5" piping from the outlet of the turbo and with 2.75" piping after the intercooler leading to the throttle body - optimizing the flow of air. All aluminum piping mandrel bent and is bead rolled to hold higher boost.

We have custom 5-ply silicone couplers, some with a wire mesh inside to eliminate expansion under boost and increase strength.

Some of the other features include a mounting bracket for the relocation of the factory power steering cooler, T-bolt clamps for a secure fit as well as vibra-mounts to mount piping to help relieve stress from engine movement.

The design of the kit also ensures compatibility with our turbo upgrades, a feature found in our downpipe and intake designs. With the release of the cp-e™ Big Turbo setup for this car, customers would be only need to replace one new on the passenger side (provided with the turbo kit), making the upgrade hassle free and without the need for any supporting modifications or custom fabrication.

We use CMM technology(Coordinate-measuring machine) to ensure factory-like fitment, optimal pipe routing and along with our manufacturing processes we ensures perfect consistency from part to part.

Our designs are always bolt on applications - no custom fitments or adjustments will be necessary and the kit comes with everything necessary to install and run out of the box along with a comprehensive set of instructions.

The FMIC kit can be optioned out with cp-e™ silver, or black IC piping.

We also have a kit to remove the factory intercooler kit with options to add a high capacity power steering cooler and an oil cooler, sold separately.

The FMIC kit comes with a cast elbow pipe by the throttle body, with no flange by default for those running the factory BPV (By-pass valve) setup. Those upgrade thir BOV, can purchace our Genesis Coupe BOV kit, featurung the same cast piece with a flange for either HKS or Tial valves; we also offer the HKS SSQV valve or the Tial Q valve for that kit.

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