Genesis Coupe CP-E Intake for 2.0T 2010 - 2012

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Many turbocharged cars suffer from suppressed horsepower because their stock airbox restricts airflow. The Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T is no exception to this rule. That is why cp-e™ has created the aIntake™ for the 2.0T Genesis Coupe.
The cp-e™ aIntake™ was engineered to get the most out of the engine. Our design was focused on providing unrestricted airflow at the lowest temperature possible. The result brings you a bolt in replacement with the best of both worlds: the cool air from a standard cold-air intake and the unrestricted flow of a short-ram intake.
There are many features to the cp-e™ aIntake™ that make it one of the more unique options on the market. The 4” filter is housed inside a fully enclosed powder coated 18 gauge Stainless Steel box. This box has cut outs along the side for the turbo to suck in cool air from under the headlight, as well as, a unique inlet to take advantage of the factory air scoop. The aIntake™ airbox also features a clear acrylic lid that not only looks sweet, but also allows you to inspect and access your filter with ease.
The cp-e™ aIntake™ for the Genesis Coupe 2.0T carries all of this newly acquired air to the turbo though the cp-e™ designed turbo inlet included in the kit. This inlet is made of heat resistant, reinforced silicone providing a smooth transition from the 4” inlet down to the 2.5” inlet of the factory turbo.
Planning a turbo upgrade? One of the most unique features of the cp-e™ aIntake™ is that it will be compatible with big turbo upgrades - much like our downpipe for this vehicle. Customers who purchase the aIntake™ for the factory turbo will be able to purchase a larger silicone inlet hose that will connect to the cp-e™ aIntake™ and their big turbo. Think of the 2.0t Genesis Coupe aIntake™ as an investment into your future build.

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