Genesis Coupe GT Spec Strut Bar 2010 - 2012

Your Price: $169.00
Part Number:GTS-SUS-1385
Your car's chassis is always under pressure to twist and flex because of of various forces arising from acceleration, deceleration, and turning. Improving your chassis' rigidity will reduce this flex and in turn improve performance across the board.
One of the simplest forms of improving chassis rigidity is by adding or improving a front strut tower bar. On turning the outside and inside wheels have different levels of pressure being applied and as such causes chassis flex. A strut bar will reinforce the two strut towers to more evenly distribute this pressure and reduce chassis flex.
A must have for any weekend racer or auto-x enthusiast!
Will fit on both 4 cylinder turbo and V6 model. Using our Type D shaft for stronger reinforcement. Two Small brackets are included which are required for the 2.0T.

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