Genesis Coupe GTSPEC 4-Point Front Lower Subframe Chassis Brace 2010 - 2012

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Part Number:GTS-SUS-1416

GTSPEC Front Lower Subframe Brace for Hyundai Geneis Coupe


During heavy cornering, the tower mounts will flex in/out and twist, leaving the driver with sloppy response and in-accurate steering feedback. Flexing and twisting of the chassis will also upset the vehicle’s alignment, as well as the balance of the vehicle while cornering due to multiple steering corrections. Installing a strut tower brace will prevent/minimize this issue by transferring and balancing the G force under weight shift conditions, providing direct handling feedback to the driver in order to make the accurate steering response.
GTSPEC offers various multi-points under chassis braces that can change the characteristics of the vehicle. These braces are developed with one thing in mind, and that is chassis rigidity. A strengthened chassis will make the vehicle feel solid and responsive. During research and development we envisioned the uni-chassis as a box with an open side. When you put pressure on the edges on the open side there is a tendency for them to fold in or out, commonly known as “body roll”. The purpose of GTSPEC performance components is to close up the opening and minimize these conditions. The same concept can be applied to vehicle sub-frames. Under heavy cornering, sub-frames, which the suspension components are mounted to, would flex and twist during weight transfer. This will also affect the accuracy of the steering and upsetting the vehicle alignment. GTSPEC subframe reinforcement and under chassis braces offer the support in these area to prevent the flex of the under carriage.
In addition, our under chassis are designed with lowered vehicles in mind. Unlike other bracing companies, our components are designed to be close to the chassis when installed, providing maximum performance with ground clearance.


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