Genesis Coupe Posiquiet brake pads SET 2010 - 2012

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A long time ago our friends at Stoptech/Centric gave us a call about a compound they had, that nobody really knew about.  Their claim was good price (always a good thing), low dust, and stocklike stopping, all while being quiet.

We decided to give them a shot, and see what we think.  We fell in love.  These pads DO feel like stock, they ARE quiet, dust is darn near 0 (seriously), and OMG! the price rocked.

So, with every single car we get in we try out a set of them, and we've been really happy with them on just about everything we've tried these on.  

When we picked up our Hyundai Genesis Coupe one of the first things we did was pull the pads and see what's up.  Well, if you've done this or been following the forums you'll be aware of two things.  First, the "cutaways" on the front pads, and second, nobody really knew what the rear pads were.

Well, the fronts had to go.  Period.  There's nothing like increasing pressure by decreasing area to help your pads wear nice and quick.  

As for the rear pad style.  Well, that took us about 20 minutes to figure out, and about 2.5 seconds to call up Stoptech/Centric and have them start making them in this compound.

We've been testing these for quite a while now, and we're very happy with them on this chassis.  In fact, I've even had to do more than a few panic stops, and they felt great.

So, here's what you get:

  • Semi-metallic Stoptech pads
  • BOTH front and rear sets (in other words, ALL the pads for the car)
  • Less dust
  • Quiet operation
  • Cheap enough to make your mouth gape open 

Please note:  These are NOT a track pad.  These are street ONLY.  You will also need to properly bed these as you will be changing compounds.

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