Genesis Coupe Tanabe GF210 2010 - 2012

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Tanabe Sustec performance lowering springs are available in three configurations, to suit the driver's needs for lowering, comfort, and handling. All springs are manufactured using machinery and processes exclusive only to the Tanabe coil spring factory. They also carry a comprehensive three year warranty, and are designed to not sag!
Tanabe extensively developed spring manufacturing technology to produce the strongest, most reliable and durable spring available. Tanabe springs are one of the strongest springs currently available for automotive use (2100n/m) and are manufactured using some of the most advanced methods and machinery in the world.Each specification for the spring is measured and tested after production, to ensure the spring rates and lengths are even and consistent, which ensures perfect fitment, function, and quality for all springs.
The extra steps for quality assurance is part of why Tanabe has the world quality manufacturing certification, ISO9001.The GF210 coil spring is geared towards maximum performance, without compromising daily driveability. A subtle drop provides an aggressive stance, while the higher spring rates (+20% - 30% over stock) provide excellent handling and vehicle stability characteristics. These springs provide a very noticeable gain in performance when installed.The GF210 is well-mated with a performance shock upgrade to extract the full potential of the coil spring, but will also work with factory equipment.Each coil spring application is tested for fitment and optimal weight distribution for sportier handling.
Lowers vehicle (front/rear) :0.8 / 0.9inches.
Spring Rates (front/rear):3.4 / 6.9 (kg/mm)
Maximum AgilityAggresive DropMaximum Performance
Three Year Warranty
2100nm of Tensile StrengthDouble shot peened springs
IS09001 Certified
Two coats of powdering coating

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