HKS Stainless Hi-Power Ti Muffler 170mm Shell

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HKS Hi-Power Ti 170mm shell Turbo Universal Muffler.
The universal HKS ' Hi-Power Ti Muffler ' is the same as the same high-quality unit as the HKS ' Hi-Power Muffler' but with a titanium colored burnt tip. The same ones used in the HKS bolt-on high performance exhaust systems. The 170mm and 130mm Hi-Power muffler shell designs are available in 75mm and 60mm (respectively) piping diameters for use with custom exhaust applications. Polished 304 stainless steel.

Muffler Sizing: 
- Size: 170mm Shell 
- Tip: HP 
- Tip Dia. (outlet) 120mm 
- Piping Dia. (inlet) 75mm

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