LAP3 Pro-Tuner v2 - 3.3T-GDI (Stinger & G70)

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Speed Limiter
138 MPH (factory 18 tires/wheels)
167 MPH (factory 19 wheels/tires)

Applicable Models:
2018+ CK Stinger 3.3T
2019+ Genesis G70 3.3T

Link to the Installation Guide

Key Features

  • Boost Mapping: Unlike most boost chips on the market, it doesn't just fool the sensor & voltage to increase boost. LAP3 Pro-Tuner precisely maps the boost pressure per RPM based on the engine load. The level of boost mapping per RPM is superior over any chips and ECU tunes on the market.
  • Fueling Mapping: After carefully analyzing the fuel rail sensor & lambda values, we customize fueling map per RPM & engine load to increase gas mileage and  performance.
  • Ignition Timing Tuning - Based on the crank angle sensor values and the boost pressure/rpm, Ignition Timing is mapped for the most optimal performance setup. 
  • Integrated IAT Bias Control - Further controlling timing logic is now possible, and you can choose to turn it on or off from the user setting. 
  • Top Speed Governor Removal(Optional): Pro-Tuner will allow you to unlock the top speed limiter (must be hardwired)
  • End-User Tuning - You can map your own Boost, Fueling, Meth duty cycle per RPM through the Pro-Tuner V2 app. 
  • PROSS - LAP3 Android OS app - Connects to the Pro-Tuner V2 via bluetooth and allows you to monitor Live Data for your engine condition
  • Data Logging Capability - The Pro-Tuner V2 app offers data logging over 40 sensors.
  • DTC Code Canceler - The owner can scan & select DTC codes to remove them.
  • Available LAP3 Meth Injection System Support - We are working on a meth Injection system to interlock with our phone application. Custom tune ignition timing based on the engine load received from the Canbus, when paired with the Methanol Injection system via PWM controller system.
  • LAP3 Meth Injection Fail Safe mode - puts the vehicle back to stock boost map if it detects injection failure due to empty meth tank or electrical issue.

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