Turbo XS Universal Oil Catch Can

Your Price: $100.00
Part Number:txs-CATCHCAN
An oil catch can is crucial on a high-performance vehicle.  Without it, oil-saturated air circulates back into the air intake stream coating vital components in oil, leading to reduced performance, expecially in turbocharged and intercooled vehicles.  Intercoolers work best when the interior fins are clean and free from oil.  When the oil vapors are returned directly from the crankcase into your intake, the oil vapors will condense and will quickly start to coat the inside of your intercooler with oil. This will significantly reduce the intercoolers ability to remove heat from the intake air charge resulting in hotter intake temperatures and reduced performance.  With the catch can plumbed in between the crankcase and the intake, the catch collects some of this oil and before is gets to critical components.  
Height (without fittings): 4.75 inches
Height (with fittings): 5.30 inches
Outside Diameter: 3.35 inches

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