UNR Widebody Front and Rear Fender Flare Kit Genesis Coupe 2010 - 2015

Your Price: $1,200.00
Part Number:UN-GC-FRFLAR
For Genesis Coupe owners looking to achieve that sought-after widebody stance, then look no further than the wide flare kit brought to you by Union For The New Rider--or UNR for short. The UNR flare kit is constructed of high-impact fiberglass and includes front replacement fenders, rear overlay panels and front and rear bumper extensions. The front fenders bolt up in place of the OEM fenders--no modification to the car is needed. The rear quarter panel overlays can be installed with screws, rivets, adhesive or having them professionally molded on. The same goes for the bumper extensions. tested on 2013+ genesis coupes but can work with the 2010 - 2012 with little modification

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