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Clutch Masters Genesis Coupe 2.0T FX500 6 Puck Clutch 2010 - 2014
  • Model: 05-095-HDB6

Clutch Masters Genesis Coupe 2.0T FX500 6 Puck Clutch 2010 - 2014

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  • Manufactured by: Clutch Masters
Clutch Masters FX500 Clutch Kit: Ceramic/Sintered Iron System, 200-400% over stock holding capacity (RACE ONLY)! The FX500 System uses the Power Plus II Pressure Plate with the Sintered Iron disc or Rigid three or four puck disc. It is designed for maximum holding capacity with no compromises. Using a Sintered Iron friction material, the FX500 holds all the power and rapidly dissipates unwanted heat. SFI Approved for most race applications. *Warning:* The FX500 is a Solid Hub disc that engages and disengages instantly and may chatter upon starting from a stop. This is a Race Only clutch. This system is custom built for the specific application. Please call with your special requirements. *Features* * Custom built racing-only systems * Holding capacity 200-400% over stock * Built to your exact requirements * High impact solid hub design * SFI Approved on most race applications. Notes: FX500 Clutch Kit; Heavy Duty Pressure Plate; 6-Puck Rigid Ceramic Disc CAN ONLY BE USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH CLUTCH MASTER FLYWHEEL
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