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Clutch Masters Genesis Coupe 3.8 FX500 Clutch & Flywheel Combo 2010 - 2012
  • Model: 05138-HDB6-SHK

Clutch Masters Genesis Coupe 3.8 FX500 Clutch & Flywheel Combo 2010 - 2012

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  • Manufactured by: Clutch Masters
200-400% Increased Holding Capacity - **RACE ONLY**
The versatile FX500 System uses our Power Plus II Pressure Plate along with a solid (rigid, unsprung) center 6 or 8 Puck Ceramic Button disc or a Sintered Iron Disc. The FX500 disc is designed for outstanding holding capacity and rapid heat dissipation.


Power Plus II Pressure Plate
Hi-Leverage Design
Ductile Iron Casting (when applicable)
Heavy-Duty Straps
Precision Heat Treated Diaphragms (2 stacked)
Special Fricition Reducing Lubricant to Eliminate Diaphragm Binding
Exceptionally High Clamping Force
***Heavy Pedal Pressure***
The FX500 ceramic paddle design creates a quick and rapid engagement as well as clutch chatter that is not recommended for the street.

Custom full drag race FX500 systems utilizing the Sintered Iron friction material are designed for, and thrive, under the most extreme conditions. This system is custom built for the specific application. Please call us with your special requirements for pricing and availability.

Warning: The FX500 is a Solid Hub (rigid) disc that engages and disengages instantly. This is a Race Only clutch.
All stages come as a complete kit including disc, pressure plate, throwout bearing, pilot bearing (when applicable), and alignment tool. (Individual components available upon request)

Solid 4 or 6 Puck Segmented or 8 Puck Full-Face Ceramic Button Disc
Premium Ceramic Friction Material
Solid Hub
No Marcel
Custom Sintered Iron Disc
Sintered Iron Friction Material
Solid Hub
No Marcel
OEM or better Release Bearing
Pilot Bearing
Alignment Tool
Instruction Card
*Ceramic based clutch discs are not intended to increase the life expectancy of a clutch rather to increase the holding capacity and improve the durability of the clutch. Using a ceramic based material for easy street driving may reduce the life of the clutch kit due to harsh engagement and higher tendency to slip the clutch kit. Ceramic discs are never recommended for stock or near stock vehicle applications.

SFI Certified to spec 1.2 for competition in NHRA, NDRA, IDRC, IHRA, SCCA and NASA.
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