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Cusco Genesis Coupe Type-MZ 1.5 Way LSD 2010 – 2016
(image for) Cusco Genesis Coupe Type-MZ 1.5 Way LSD 2010 – 2016
(image for) Cusco Genesis Coupe Type-MZ 1.5 Way LSD 2010 – 2016
  • Model: HY1 K15

Cusco Genesis Coupe Type-MZ 1.5 Way LSD 2010 – 2016

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  • Manufactured by: Cusco
Cusco Type-MZ 1.5 Way LSD Genesis Coupe 09+

Cusco has built a reputation in automotive aftermarket industry because of the quality products they provide. Known mostly for their suspension components and braces, Cusco also offers LSD???_s, clutches, and coilovers. Based out of Japan, Cusco designs all products to bolt on directly for superior fit and finish. Cusco products are designed enhance your driving experience by giving you greater control over your vehicle.

Cusco s Type MZ Limited Slip Differential utilizes clutch discs to provide high initial torque. This is best suited for those who drift and drag race and require solid engagement. With forged internals housed in a chromoly case, this LSD is extremely durable and will serve you well in the most extreme conditions. The clutch discs in the Type MZ has radially cut grooves to allow for instant oil movement. This helps with improving durability and efficiency. Each MZ clutch disc is also polished for even and consistent contact with the pressure rings. Cusco stresses the use of wear resistant parts like their incorporation of the "Oil Through System" by using high quality chrome molybdenium steel. The internal side gears and pinion gears used are precise forged parts that enable compact yet durable gears to cope with high horsepower applications. This, in turn, increases the internal oil capacity as well as the number of MZ clutch plates taking the load off each plate for further durability. The Cusco Oil Through System enables stability in high performance LSDs. Cusco s unique Oil Through System enables better oil flow inside the LSD for better efficiency. The casing made from Cusco s unique technology allows the oil to flow from the wide end to the pressure rings and the MZ clutch plate for efficient lubrication. Making the LSD more stable and durable! This was only possible with Cusco s unique technology in manufacturing chrome molybdenium steel casings and gears that enabled a higher level of durability and a better flow of oil due to the large oil openings. Contact Us with any questions..

Three ways to set your Cusco limited slip differential- 1 way, 1.5 Way and 2 Way.

A 1 Way LSD is specially suited for front wheel drive cars and the front axle of AWD cars. It activates only under acceleration, allowing the better handling when you lift off the throttle. This is a great way to improve lap times.

A 1.5-way LSD activates fully under acceleration, but does not activate fully under deceleration. This decreases understeer compared to a 2-way LSD. This is recommended for drivers having difficulty with 2-way LSD understeer, or the braking on a one-way LSD.

A 2-way LSD is recommended on rear wheel drive cars and AWD rear axle cars.. Because it activates on both acceleration and deceleration, it is recommended for those who prefer hot driving action and big angle drift.

One Limited Slip Differential, Two Ways to Enjoy! With Cusco s LSD, you may change the setting during your overhaul with no additional parts required.

Initial setting is 1.5 way, possible to change to 2 way
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