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Sxth Element Kona N Front Mount Intercooler Kit 2022 – 2023
  • Model: 08-03-105-K

Sxth Element Kona N Front Mount Intercooler Kit 2022 – 2023

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  • Manufactured by: SXTH

Sxth Element Kona N Front Mount Intercooler Kit 2022 – 2023


The SXTH Element Engineering Front Mount intercooler Kit was developed specifically for the Kona N to provide maximum cooling capability.  We utilized our proven Veloster N core and made the necessary changes to the kit for Kona N OEM fitment and finish!

Our high performance bar and plate core provides superior cooling and heat sink resistance to tube/plate construction.  The stepped core maximies available space behind the bumper without modifying critical OEM parts.


The Core

Our intercooler core was designed using 3D scanning and CAD along with CFD simulation to achieve perfect fitment while maximizing airflow.  The "stepped" core takes up as much space as possible so we can achieve the best cooling possible while fitting in the car without any modifications or extra parts needed.  Our core also comes with a special heat resistant coating.



Due to the very tight spaces behind the bumper, our kit comes with specially designed spacers for the front support bar to create the room needed for core installation.  New high strength hardware is supplied for a complete installation.



The OEM intercooler in the Kona N leaves a lot to be desired. As you can see below, the SXTH unit is much larger than OEM.  By utilizing every cubic inch possible, we can provide better airlfow and better cooling for more power and less heat soak.


Performance Boost

Even though there are certain limiters in the N Engine Control Unit (ECU), our core was still able to achieve measurable power increase on our in-house dyno.  Gains can be seen across the RPM range.  This becomes more apparent on tuned ECUs where there is higher boost command and gains of up to 15whp can be achieved.


Couplers & Clamps

We use the highest quality 5-ply silicone hoses and t-bolt clamps for our tubing connections.  The hoses are also designed in the computer for perfect fitment.


By 3D scanning the car and incorporating that into our CAD software, we can keep OEM fitment and design the components for ease of installation while enhancing performance. Here you can see an early concept model of the scan data and our intercooler concept.

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