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 SXTH Element Kona N Carbon Fiber Air Intake Kit 2022 – 2023
  • Model: 14-03-103

SXTH Element Kona N Carbon Fiber Air Intake Kit 2022 – 2023

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  • Manufactured by: SXTH

SXTH Element Kona N Carbon Fiber Air Intake System


The SXTH Element Engineering Carbon Intake is a total package of performance and OEM fit/finish.

As air enters the engine bay, our high flow / dry flow filter with integrated velocity stack feeds air through a 3.75in carbon fiber tube to the turbo. Horsepower and torque gains range from 8-11 across the rev range. With this intake, the factory bypass valve hose connection is no longer used. In doing

Our intake pipe is constructed from 3K twill 100% carbon fiber and finished with a gloss sealer. We chose carbon for the ultimate combination of strength and heat resistance. At 3.75 inches in diameter, the tube is one of the biggest on the market. The tube needs to be as big as possible to minimize pressure losses in the intake system for turbocharger performance.

An air filter shield is included to isolate the filter to receive fresh air from the factory air feed.


Note: This product is not CARB Certified and does not ship to California.

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