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HKS Genesis Coupe 2.0T Super SQV4 Blow Off Valve Kit 2010 - 2012
  • Model: 71008-KB001

HKS Genesis Coupe 2.0T Super SQV4 Blow Off Valve Kit 2010 - 2012

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  • Manufactured by: HKS

The revamped HKS amped up the Super Sequential Blow-Off Valve 4 (SSQV4) for use with your Hyundai Genesis, retaining the  same two stage pull type design paired with the all new, eye catching looks. The SSQV4 has delivered excellence from 1994 as one of the best blow off valves around. Any turbocharged car benefits from this blow off valve whether fresh from the showroom or war veteran on the tracks. The pull type design of the SSQV4, with its solidly built valve ensures no messy leakage under load. When throttle is applied, the boost pressure itself seals the system shut, a feature copied by fakers but not entirely successful as they mostly use the less efficient, single, large pull-type valve- still not a match for the SSQV4

Imitation valves have terrible operating conditions; they react in a slower fashion, needs a whole lot more pressure to operate and prefer heavier load in general. Push type valves boast of a more compact size; however they are not conducive to large boost pressures that are sometimes part of the pressure deal. The HKS SSQV4 has an answer to these- it now has a small main valve for lightning fast activation and a bigger valve that handles the large boost requirements. The SSQV4 is a well thought of idea; the small valve opens under light load and the bigger valve opens when additional support is needed to meet the demands of high boost circumstances. Very adaptable indeed.

The SSQV4 is made of brushed aluminium and incorporates a circular mounting flange that integrates into an industrial strength C-clip snap ring and an O ring gasket to seal it off completely. This valve includes a triple fin-discharge port which produces not a fuss or a hiss but a bullish blow off noise. The triple-fin insert is fully removable and can also be customised by swapping with other inserts available from the same company. The HKS SSQV4 is engineered exclusively as a formidable blow off valve although if you really want to modify as a recirculating valve, additional parts are available.


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