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FIVEO Genesis Coupe 2.0T 550CC INJECTORS 2010-2012
  • Model: 026US550

FIVEO Genesis Coupe 2.0T 550CC INJECTORS 2010-2012

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  • Manufactured by: FIVEO
Set of Four. Will fit stock fuel rail/intake/electrical connection.

Brand new and flow matched Siemens Deka EV14 550cc fuel injectors Guaranteed usage for superstreet and racing applications.

Example Usage: 550cc fuel injectors - Turbo charged 4 cylinder 2.0 Genesis Coupe will potentially make approximately 300bhp running pump gasoline.

FLOW CHART: Each set is sold with a complete flow-data chart indicating individual dynamic and static flow rates at 3, 3.5, and 4 BAR at 25%, 50% and 100% for each injector, along with dead time (latency) at 14 volts. Flow matching was done with industry-standard equipment of the highest quality. The test was performed at varying temperatures to achieve realistic results.

Our injectors are custom-milled from brand new American/German/Japanese-made fuel injector "cores" in large-quantity batches to achieve the highest quality product. The resulting sets are all-fuels rated; including gasoline (MTBE), and E-85. The finished injectors are then flowed and inscribed with a control number. Data is recorded for each injector. They are then hermetically-sealed and placed in matched sets ready for shipping. You don't get this kind of technology from an OE injector.

No adapters, No wiring issues, no soldering.

Use with stock rail, stock electrical harness, and stock intake

Manufacturer flow rates do vary slightly from set to set. You get a custom flow matched set that will not vary more than 1% or less than 10cc across the set. But the most important statistic is the pulsed-flow rate on this set of injectors is nearly perfect
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