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Mishimoto Genesis Coupe 3.8 Silver Oil Cooler Kit 2010 - 2016
  • Model: MMOC-GEN6-10

Mishimoto Genesis Coupe 3.8 Silver Oil Cooler Kit 2010 - 2016

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  • Manufactured by: Mishimoto
Mishimoto is proud to announce our new direct-fit oil cooler kit designed specifically for the 2010+ Hyundai Genesis Coupe with 3.8L V6! High oil temperatures lead to rapid oil degradation that can result in increased engine wear and potential failure. Protect your street or track Genesis by installing the Mishimoto oil cooler kit for efficient temperature regulation. This kit includes a precision-engineered, CNC-machined aluminum oil filter housing, which replaces the factory housing and canister filter. This allows for the use of an oil sandwich plate and a conventional spin-on filter. The Mishimoto oil cooler kit includes preassembled lines and an efficient 19-row oil cooler that mounts in the front grille for optimum airflow and cooling capability. This oil cooler kit increases overall oil capacity by .75 qt and is proven to reduce temperatures by 37?F while maintaining minimal pressure drop. This kit is available with a thermostatic sandwich plate for additional oil temperature control, and your choice of a stealth black or silver cooler. As with all our products, this kit includes the Mishimoto lifetime warranty. Note: 2013 - 2016 Genesis Coupes will need to make a custom mounting bracket and/or relocating that power steering cooler as the lower radiator support differs from the 2010 - 2012 3.8.
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