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Charge Speed Genesis Coupe Front Bumper 2010 - 2012
(image for) Charge Speed Genesis Coupe Front Bumper 2010 - 2012
(image for) Charge Speed Genesis Coupe Front Bumper 2010 - 2012
  • Model: cs996fb

Charge Speed Genesis Coupe Front Bumper 2010 - 2012

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  • Manufactured by: ChargeSpeed

The Expensive shipping charges are based off of shipping this large item from Japan via ocean freight and then via truck freight to your door.
Minimum 90 Days Special Order, No cancellations

Charge Speed 2010 - 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Front Bumper (Japanese FRP)

Precision Hand-Made with the highest construction of FRP quality, materials & Japanese craftsmanship

All items come unpainted & pictures for style reference only.
Accessories not included, only the actual listing item unless said otherwise.

Authentic Charge Speed products offer Elegant, Luxurious, Unique, Supreme & Platinum Design with highest Vivid Quality as surface comes in smooth, white color gel coat or Carbon Fiber JDM Plain Weave on the outside with on the back of the products made with even thickness/ rigid unlike many other fiberglass on the market which uneven/ wavy so you will spend much less labor time at the body shop for preparation most importantly perfect Fit as all the body lines are lined up according to factory vehicle shapes and specs.

Authentic Charge Speed is known for Best of the Best Products in the Automotive Body Kit fitment in the World. All parts come with OEM factory perfect fit, no products have better fitment than this on the market as you or your body shop will LOVE Authentic Charge Speed products which most body shop first impression is they are not the biggest fan of working with aftermarket fiberglass parts but this will change their view on fiberglass once they experience it as Charge Speed is true JDM FRP fitment. WE GUARANTEE IT!

Charge Speed Body Kit/ Ground Effect also a functional aero dynamic as some are made by dry or wet-laid Carbon fiber, Kevlar fiber and FRP as well as made in Japan as known to be one of the most precise mankind products made in the World.

All Authentic Charge Speed products come with serial numbers on the back of the products & most of products come with Stainless Steel "Charge Speed" Emblem Batch on the outside surface to proof of Authenticity.
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